A great thanks this holiday for you and Ellen. We are so appreciative of the care and long walks given to Bonnie. Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

-Sarah Guthrie

Happy Holidays Dan!

Thank you for all you do for Pi. Your daily walks w/her are the highlight of her day.

Take care and Happy 2014

-Sara Anne and Brendan and Pi

Hi Dan

Thanks for taking great care of Lola. Also thank you for your flexibility regarding my mom



Warmest wishes for the Holiday Season

Thanks for this holiday set of visits, Dan. Bela and Gus seemed healthy and happy when I returned last night.

I'll need you again the last week of February-will be in touch by email

I've added a bit to this check for a holiday bonus

Happy new year.


Thanks so much for taking care of the cats on such short notice. We appreciated the sweeping and clean up after Fuzz and giving them both their medication.

-John & Bobbi

Just can't say it enough! Thank you so much for taking such great care of our pets. We really appreciate it!

-Trish, Doug, Fiona, Colby, and Willow

Thanks SO much for your great job walking ( and training ) Malik. He thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, and I am grateful you made yourself available on short notice. I would be happy to give you a stellar reference any time you need it.

-Margaret and Malik

I have been using Dan MacDonald's Dog Walking Service twice a week since October 5th, 1998. He has been reliable, responsible, and very helpful to me and my dear old dog Gus. Gus' health and mood have improved significantly since Dan has been walking and playing with him on his long days alone. I highly recommend Fantastic Dog & Cat Sitting Service and Dan MacDonald.

Sincerely, Kathy S.

This Letter is in regards to the excellent work Dan MacDonald and his service "Fantastic Dog & Cat" has done for me over the course of this summer and autumn.
I travel for my job and recreation on week-ends and also have taken a couple of week long vacations during Dan's employment with me, and never have I felt so relieved that my pets will be well cared for in my absence, sometimes better than I myself would.
This is something I have time and time again been eternally grateful for. Other times when I have left my three cats in the care of friends or for a short weekend with extra food out, I returned to awful messes, sick or hurt pets, and no one to ask what happened. Dan keeps daily records of each visit and I can always call him when I am worried about a certain issue or just for peace of mind while I am away.
Because he also does other services, such as watering plants and bringing in mail, the cats and I know that life is going on as usual, and keeping up appearances to avoid burglaries.
In closing I would like to add that my cats who don't like anyone but me, being that they are extremely finicky felines, run up to Dan obviously missing him. I can only chalk this up to Dan's sincerely 'caring' for them the way I do, and not just taking care of them by putting food out and leaving. He plays, he talks, and he hangs out with them and they are not lonely when I am away.
Sometimes they don't even seem to have missed me when I come back!. That's ok with me though. It makes it very reassuring so I can get my work done or enjoy my vacation each time with a lot less stress.

Jennifer M.

Hello Dan,
Thank you for taking such wonderful care of Mushuk and Guzel while we were in New York.
The cats were very happy (as usual) when we returned. We are very grateful for the love and care you give Mushuk and Guzel.

Best wishes, Sharon and Joel

"I'm as grateful as the dog when a hot dog rolls of the grill."

Thank you very much once again for taking care of our boys. Hopefully next time, Yancy will be a little more well-trained and not in a crate. Take care and thanks a lot!

Holly and Kevin
Lenny and Yancy



Renee A.

Dan MacDonald has been walking my Rottweiler, Woody, since April of 1999. I have found him to be professional, dependable and reliable. Woody, a rescued street dog that is quite afraid of men, has found him to be an ok guy and is now quite fond of him. Dan was willing to hang in there for the several months he took to come to that point of view. I have appreciated the fact that Dan is extremely flexible, and is willing to add and drop walking dates to fit my schedule, often on very short notice. I've had the opportunity to observe Dan when I was at an off-leash area with Woody and he was there with other dogs, and was very impressed with how attentive and actively involved with the dogs in his care.

Sincerely, Janey E.

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