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Walking Services

Fantastic Dog and Cat Sitting Service offers both long and short term dog walking services for Seattle. We take the time to pamper your pet, offering quality playtime, fresh food and water, and plenty of TLC.

Rates for dog walking services are only $20.00 per visit for one dog, and we will spend at least 1/2 hour per visit with your dog.

Here is a more complete listing of Dog walking services...

Dog walking:
1 dog $20.00 per visit
2 dogs $22.00 per visit
3 dogs $24.00 per visit

The visit includes dog walking, food and water and quality playtime, also mail, newspapers, watering plants and anything else the owner requests is included at no extra charge.

The following is a breakdown of rates:

1 visit per day- Dog walking: $20.00
2 visits per day- Dog walking: $40.00
3 visits per day- Dog walking: $60.00

2 dogs, 1 visit $22.00
2 visits $44.00
3 visits per day $66.00

Sitting Services

While you're away on a trip or busy at work, Fantastic Dog and Cat Sitting Services will come to your house, walk your dog, or stay with your cat, and, in addition, provide the following services:

If you'd like, we can also provide the following services to give you peace of mind while you're away from your home:

Dog Sitting Rates:

1 visit per day (rate for 1 dog) $20.00
2 visits per day $40.00
Pet sitting rate includes feeding animals

Cat Sitting

1 cat $20.00 per visit
2 Cats $22.00 Per visit
3 cats $24.00 per visit
more $25.00 Per visit
Dog and Cat: $22.00 Per visit
Diabetic/medical animals $20.00 Per visit

At least 30 minutes of time is spent with each pet visit.

Overnight Care

We provide overnight pet care for the Seattle area in your home for animals that are not comfortable being alone. The overnight includes visits throughout the day; morning, noon and evening. We do a short visit from 10:00 to 10:20 so the pet is relieved before bed and we stay overnight until 7:00 the following morning.

Our rate is $70.00 for overnight care.

...includes feedings and 3 dog walks. The price for the overnight needs to remain set at $70.00 due to the amount of time invested in the visits.
Overnight fee: $30.00 alone with no animals,(housesitting)
Time and a half billed on all Major Holidays, ie; Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Labor Day, New Years Day, July 4th, Easter Sunday.

Our Complementary services:

Pet Health

Fantastic Dog and Cat Sitting Service has many years of experience working with pets with medical issues.  Dan and his staff have been administering medications to animals for 11 years. See more info HERE

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